A dear girl that I know is missing–one that I met and got to know very well at the beginning of what has become an unexpected running journey for us both.

Kathy is a runner. She is now 16 and is in high school. However, when we met, she was just a little teeny tiny 12 year old and I was freshly 16.

My heart is truly hurting tonight because my friend is gone. No one can find her. Her family and her friends have been viciously searching for her back in my hometown. She was last seen on Monday at school, but no time after that.

I do not want to assume the worst, but this is not like Kathy to just disappear or go.

Kathy is a girl who has faced many trials, but she always manages to get back up and try again. She is loving and considerate. She puts others before herself. She is always there if you ever need her to be. She cheers loudly for everyone, but sometimes has a hard time cheering for herself. She is someone that loves to laugh and assume the best of others. She carries a sweet presence and is generally quiet.

I pray that God’s Will is done. Wherever Kathy is, whatever she may be doing, or whatever has already been done–let His love overcome all of the scary possibilities that could be at fault for Kathy’s absence. Bring her home.

While many back in my hometown are searching for her physically, I am searching for her in spirit. I am holding on to the hope that Kathy is safe. No matter what happens, Kathy is loved so deeply by her family and her friends. She is a brave girl and she is one of the first people that believed in me when I started running.

On the course, as we would pass each other in opposing directions, Kathy always said to me, “Good job, Sevyn!” And she would give me the biggest high five… In return I would say, “Keep going, Kathy! You are almost done!”

Right now, while we are searching for you… with a resounding beat, my heart and soul are screaming the same thing…”Keep going, Kathy! You are almost done!”