via Daily Prompt: Banned

In the light of my own observations, I see opportunities around me, but they are not for me. It’s as if I am banned in a gateway that was made for all to enter in. There are openings and I see everyone else go in, but when I try to go in, I am banned.

So, what does that mean? What does that say about me or my life? Doors are not opening for me in the effortless way that they do for other people. And I find it interesting that today’s daily prompt is just the word ‘banned’.

In elaboration, the word banned seems relevant in my life because there are holds on me. Under certain circumstances, I am stuck physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, which creates a sense of limitations.

Each day, I wake up, and I immediately recognize my limits of the day. “I know I can’t do this”, or “I know I can’t go there.” It establishes the tone for what I will or will not do.

With that in mind, is it safe to say that I could be banning myself from entering the gateway? Is it possible that I am the one blocking myself from the gateway of opportunities?

Actually, I am positive that in many ways I am the one standing in front of my own capacities. I exclude myself from a place of promise and potential. To see this in myself is a big step towards change. So, I find hope in that.